The rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs is the London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea. Although Chelsea and Arsenal have never considered themselves to be rivals, they were two leading clubs in London, the derby has attracted much attention from fans of both teams since the 1930s. Recently, the rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea is considered to be a very important derby, especially after Chelsea joining the elite of the Premier League in 2000, then their constant competition began in the English championship. According to an online poll of fans in December 2003, Arsenal fans, responding to a poll, said they consider Chelsea as the third most important contender, after Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. Chelsea fans who took part in the survey said that they view Arsenal as their main rival, but Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham are their traditional rivals.

  1. Chelsea is a professional English football club from West London. Since 1905, has served in the English Premier League and spent most of his history in the top division of English football. One of the club founders of the English Premier League 1992. Chelsea has six times become England’s champion, seven times won the FA Cup and four times the Football League Cup. The club has also succeeded in the European arena, won the Champions League, the UEFA Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup.

The club achieved its first great success in 1955, when the championship was won. Later he became the owner of several England cups in the 1960s and 1970s, but after that he did not win serious trophies until 1997. Last decade was the most successful period in the history of Chelsea, when he won two championship titles 2005, 2006.

Despite its name, the club is located not in the area of ​​Chelsea, but in the nearby Fulham. The club’s home stadium, the Stamford Bridge, on which it plays from the moment of its foundation, was opened in 1877 and located in the London district of Fulham. The stadium occupies the 9th place in capacity in England, about 42 thousand fans. The owner of the club since July 2, 2003 is a Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. Chelsea fans, in connection with this fact, often perform the song “Kalinka” during football matches.

The main form is blue T-shirts and white-headed shorts, a similar combination has been used since the 1960’s. Club emblem changed several times in attempts to modernize club symbols; the current emblem, the ceremonial blue lion holding the staff, is a modified version of the emblem first adopted in 1953; This version of the logo was adopted in 2005. The club ranked fifth in attendance at the home stadium for all time in the English Premier League. The average attendance of home matches in the 2010/11 season was 41,435, this is the sixth place in the Premier League.

The head coach is Maurizio Sarri. The current captain of the club is Garry Cahill.

The current main sponsor of the club is Yokohama.

2016 Forbes (magazine) rated the club at $ 1.66 billion

  1. Arsenal Football Club – is an English football club based in North London, in the Holloway district. He is one of the most successful English teams, 13-time national champion, 13-time winner of the FA Cup and the longest-serving in the highest-league team in England – from 1919.

Arsenal was founded in 1886 and was the first club from the south of England that joined the Football League in 1893. In the 1930s, the club was the national champion five times and won two English Cups. After the Second World War the club achieved less success. In the 1970/1971 season, Arsenal won the double. From the 90s he won the FA Cup six times and was the champion of England four times. In the 2003/2004 season, Arsenal won the title of the champion of England without any defeat and became the second team that made it (and the first who did not lose in 38 matches). Two years later he reached the Champions League final, in which he lost to FC Barcelona.

The club’s traditional colors are red and white. These colors in the club’s history took different shades. Arsenal also changed his stadium; initially it was located in Woolwich, in south-east London, in 1913 the team moved to the north of the city, to the Arsenal Stadium in Highbury. In 2006, the club moved to the Emirates Stadium in Holloway.

The club has a large and faithful group of supporters. The biggest rival of the team is Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal matches with this club are referred to as the derby of North London. Arsenal is one of the most valuable clubs in England. Its estimated value in 2008 was over GBP 600 million. Thanks to its reputation, it regularly appears in the British media. In addition, he organizes a pre-season social Emirates Cup tournament on his stadium every year. The Arsenal women’s team is the most titled female football team in the country.

The first game in the Championship of England between the teams took place on November 9, 1907 at the Stamford Bridge Stadium in the First Division. This match gathered 65,000 fans, at that time it was a record of the First Division. The match between the clubs at Stamford Bridge in 1935 brought together 82,905 people, by which time this result ranked second in England. In the FA Cup, teams first met in 1915, won by Chelsea. In 1950, the teams met in the semi-finals of the FA Cup; in both games Arsenal won. In the 1960s, Chelsea dominated Arsenal, for a decade he scored 14 victories, 2 draws, and only 2 times defeat.

Recently, clubs have only met in two finals: in the 2002 FA Cup final, which Arsenal won 2-0, and in the 2007 Football League Cup final, which Chelsea won 2-1. In the UEFA Champions League, the teams met only once, in the quarterfinals of the 2003/04 season, at Stamford Bridge the score was 1: 1, but in the second leg at Highbury, Chelsea won 2-1 and reached the semi-finals. In the 2003/04 season, Arsenal won both meetings with Chelsea with a score of 2: 1 both at home and away. In an away match at Stamford Bridge, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires scored for Arsenal. In 2006, Ashley Cole moved from the gunners to Chelsea, which further aggravated their rivalry. In the 2007 Football League Cup final, one of the most famous incidents occurred. The game was overshadowed by the scandal involving Frank Lampard, Cesc Fabregas, John Obi Mikel, Emmanuel Adebayor, Kolo Toure and others, which resulted in 2 yellow and 3 red cards. In addition, Chelsea fans threw celery at Arsenal players. Subsequently, the Football Association of England decided to fine both teams for 100 thousand pounds sterling. Overall, Arsenal won more games in the history of rivalry – 71 times, while Chelsea won only 56 times, with 52 draws.

Arsenal’s biggest win was 5-1 in the First Division on November 29, 1930 at the Stamford Bridge Stadium. Chelsea’s biggest win is 6-0 in the Premier League on March 22, 2014 at the Stamford Bridge Stadium. Didier Drogba from Chelsea is the record holder for scored balls in the derby, having in his statistics 13 goals scored against the Arsenal goal. On May 10, 2009, Chelsea inflicted the largest home defeat to Arsenal in the championship over the past 38 years, beating 4: 1 at the Emirates stadium. In the 2009/10 season, Chelsea defeated Arsenal in both meetings, 3-0 at the Emirates Stadium, and then at home at Stamford Bridge 2-0. In the 2010/11 season, Chelsea won at Stamford Bridge 2-0, and in the match at Emirates the Gunners with a score of 3-1 celebrated the success. On October 29, 2011, in the first match of the 2011/12 season between these teams, an exciting and fantastic game was played at Stamford Bridge. Arsenal won with a score of 5: 3, where Robin Van Persie scored a hat trick, Andre Santos and Theo Walcott scored a goal. Frank Lampard, John Terry and Juan Mata distinguished themselves for Chelsea.